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Clothing Suggestions

For the Guys:

Close shave, clean hands and combed or styled hair. A five O'Clock shadow can not be edited out. Your feet will also be in some of the pictures, so make sure you have the shoes and belts that you want as well.

For the Ladies:

Tank tops and off the shoulder dresses are great and they will draw attention to your figure. Wear normal make up or just a slight more. Be careful about mascara so it doesn't get clumpy. Use translucent powder especially for oily skin. Clear lip-gloss is a good thing. Have your nails done - the best would be in neutral colors. Your bare feet may also be in some portraits, so paint your toenails in a color that matched your fingers as well. In preparing for the session, feel free to tan, but be careful about tan lines.


Solid dark coloring, long sleeves generally works best for the Classic look. For a more Contemporary look light color clothing works best. Avoid prints, plaids and loud colors. Solid, neutral colors work best. A common outfit trend is that all family members wear blue jeans or khaki pants with solid white shirts. Wear clothes that best fit your personality, and try to have them complement each other as much as possible.


Solid dark coloring, long sleeves generally works best for the Classic look. For a more Contemporary look, wear light color clothing. Avoid prints, plaids and loud colors. It is important for you to decide what look you want to achieve. If he wears a dark blue suit and she wears a brown dress, it would be better for the two colors to blend together. You don't have to look like twins but use clothes in the same color family.


Solid color clothing works best for children too. It you have a special outfit (Easter, Christmas, First Communion or dance) it is best to consult with us before your portrait session so that we can choose the most complimentary backgrounds, props, etc.


Babies will undoubtedly wear their birthday suit for part of the portrait session. Solid white diapers without any loud prints or cartoon characters also work best. As far as the infant's clothing, baby girls look cute in dresses and little boys in overalls or jeans. Solid colors work best with infants, and that goes for Mom and Dad too. Solid black and solid white look great on the parents, but bring an additional outfit for a more diverse set of portraits.


If you play a sport, an instrument or just have a hobby, please bring items related to it. Solid dark coloring and long sleeves generally works best for the Classic look. For a more Contemporary look bring light color clothing, with or without sleeves. Avoid logos and prints. Solid, complementary colors work best. Most importantly, wear clothes that you would normally wear. We want to bring out the real you, so your clothing should reflect that as well. Remember to bring multiple outfits that are different in style and color. Don't forget your favorite pieces of clothing.